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Gurinder Kaur Gill : Woman Fighter against Corrupt System

It is true that "Woman is a symbol of power". When a woman begins one step of revolt then it must be completed.I am talking about Ms. Guninder kaur Gill .Anyone who know about this lady must appreciate her talent , courage and
co-oprative nature. When I feel the sorrow, problem and frustation of this lady
created by present corrupt system and I have understood her case right
from starting I was forced to believe that a woman ,If desires can change a lot in the system.She can change the direction of wind.
I am a ordinary man but my thinking is broad. Being an RTI Activist
I wish to fight for rights and against corruption especially butIt is
not easy because in present scenerio corruption has been mixed up in
the nature and behavier of masses until everybody does promise not
to take or give bribe or not to be a part of corrupt system , it
will be cured.
Presently the maximum part of politics, bureaucracy, judiciary,
media, ,corporate and social sector are also corrupt. In this
difficult situation we should try to coordinate all honest
,dynamic,and fighter type revolutionary people to empower to each
other for any common cause . We should plan a strong strategy to fight
against corruption and must join hands with oppressed ,exploited,
tortured people . It cannot be possible without best networking , big
platform for providing solution to any type of corruption matter.
I think when these type of people will collect on single
platform then revolution must be start on full form. Every
revolutionary power becomes dedicated to common cause , so the way
is same for these type of people . So our slogan is "Collect,
Co-ordinate and Co-operate". On the basis of consanrtation , courage
and centralised multipurpose programme just like Aadhar(UID)
For this cause now war is started. We should shake hands for
this noble cause. I am with you and your mission till I am alive. I
don"t like to live in Corrupt India .My dream is corruption free
India. In this regard I suggest you to expose who have white collar
face but those faces are black.
These are some suggessions in this regard: (Ek Bade Kranti ki Shuruaat)
1. Co-ordination with thinktank and most powerful revolutionary personality.
2. Website for promoting our ideology, bulk email and SMS/message.
3. file a writ petition in the court.
4. Dialouge with experts in this field specially (politics, judiciary,
bureaucracy, media, corporate and social sector)
5. Articles and Press Releases in Hindi and English.
6. Power point theme presentations on projector.
7. Attack on loop holes in IPC/ CrPc and useless Indian laws. Make a
pressure for law amendment in current scenario.
8. Attack on investigative agencies like CBI,CVC,Delhi Police and
show the truth on closure report and disobey the rules and
9. Survey on the effect of aforesaid matter and find out the solution
of corruption.
10. RTI Awareness and Training Programme to minimize the corruption.
11. Protest, Hunger Strike, Speech, Press Conference, letter,
signature campaign.
Anybody can contact to( Mr. B.S.Bola,Retd. IPS
Officer by Phone No: 011-45452915 and EMAIL: for
best guidelines and support on behalf of “SEVA Consultancy”to know your requirement and expectation on my side.
"one man army" who believe in Gurilla war for our nation can change this corrupt system. The feeling of
country first, corruption frees India, strong monitoring system is
necessary to all young minds. I think revolutionary volcano will
blast and your target must be completed. You should support to
proposed “Jan Lokpal Bill” and must send your valuable
Opinion/Suggetion to Govt. Department with positive thinking.

House No.-210, St. No.-3, Pal Mohalla
Near Mohanbaba Mandir,Mandawali, Delhi-110092


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