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Prof. C. R. Babu worked as a Professor in the Dept of Botany, University of Delhi and retired at the superannuated age of 65 years on 30/06/2005. During his service period he had been designated as the Director of a small centre named CEMDE (Centre for Environmental Management of Degraded Ecosystems) in 1990, Pro Vice Chancellor (PVC) in 2000 and Acting Vice Chancellor (VC) of the University of Delhi in 2005. He continued his service in the university as the Director-CEMDE from 24/01/1990 to 29/06/2005, PVC from 08/08/2000 to 29/06/2005 and Acting VC from 16/05/2005 to 29/06/2005.
Prof. C. R. Babu before retirement as serving professor and PVC, a verbal proposal for conferment of the dignitary title Professor Emeritus to himself was made approved in the Academic Council (AC) meeting on 23/04/2005 and decision taken in the Executive Council (EC)meeting on 29/04/2005 where he himself was a party to recommending by the AC and EC without any written proposal and formal document of recommendation of the then VC on record, and the conferred the title on 01/07/2005 very next day after his retirement. This is a fact of primae facie and clear violation of the Ordinance XII-B under the Delhi University Act, 1922.
Just 18 days before retirement Prof C. R Babu on a Saturday (holiday in the university) on 11 June, 2005 off record directed to issue a purported letter vide Ref. No.R/2005/1915 in his favor by Shri Kanwar Manjit Singh, the Finance Officer (on deputation from C&AG) as the Registrar & Finance Officer despite presence of the full time Registrar, Dr. A. K. Dubey, IAS in the university on a specially printed letter head addressed to the Vice Chairman, Delhi Development Authority (DDA) and mentioned “The projects for establishment and management of (a) Yamuna Biodiversity park and (b) Aravalli Biodiversity Park have been entrusted by the DDA to Prof C.R. Babu, PVC, ……… The University of Delhi has empowered Prof. C.R Babu to personally operate, pursue and settle all transactions of financial and administrative in nature of the projects” without any office notings, valid documents or university approval/ order/ EC resolution on record for approval of multi crore rupees biodiversity park project for financial grants and Prof Babu’s lifetime involvement in the project with all financial & administrative powers. Based on the letter DDA sanctioned the projects as the funding agency and release funds from time to time to the university by the name of the Registrar but crores of rupees funds is being utilized by retired Prof. Babu.
Immediate next day of retirement, Prof. Babu again started functioning in the CEMDE violating Delhi University Act 1922 by claimed himself as the Project Incharge till date without any office approval/ authorization/ order/ notification or entrusting letter neither from the University of Delhi nor from the DDA. Under this project two biodiversity parks namely Aravalli Biodiversity Park at Vasant Kunj and Yamuna Biodiversity Park at Wazirabad, Delhi are being developed. Till 2010 DDA released grants of Rs.3257 Lakhs.. Another four new mega parks projects are further approved by DDA for development in the hand of Prof. C. B. Babu.
Sl No
For the period from 16 May, 2005 to 29th June, 2005 who was the Pro Vice Chancellor (PVC), Acting Vice Chancellor (VC) and Director- CEMDE of the University of Delhi?
Prof. C. R. Babu
When the Biodiversity Park Projects started by the University of Delhi?
Yamuna Biodiversity Park in 2003
Aravalli Biodiversity Park in 2004
What are the university or DDA guidelines are applicable to run the development projects? Whether any MoU has been signed between DDA & DU?
No guidelines available/ exists
No MoU has been signed between DDA and Delhi University
Who had prepared & submitted the biodiversity parks project proposal to DDA for approval of the project. Copy of the DDA approval letter?
No information and copy of project approval letter available except copy of a letter No.R/2005/1915 dated 11 June, 2005
Name of the funding agency and project authority? How much amount of grants released by DDA to university till 2010?
Delhi Development Authority.
More than 3257 lakhs rupees
For the period from 16th May, 2005 to 29th June, 2005 who was the Registrar of the university
Dr. A. K. Dubey, IAS was the Registrar
Name of the authority under whose direction and office order/ EC resolution the letter dated 11 June, 2005 was issued to VC, DDA
No information or document available except a short note on a plain paper by PVC, Prof. Babu authorized Sh Manjit Singh to work as Registrar for 10 to 12 June, 2005
What was the urgency to issue the particular letter without any office order/ EC resolution/ Notification on 11th June, 2005 by Sh Manjit Singh,FO as the Registrar & FO despite presence of Dr AK Dubey, IAS Registrar
No information or documents available except the short note on a plain paper by PVC Prof Babu
Was 11 June, 2005 a working day of the university to issue that letter?
No, it was Saturday, a regular holiday of the university.
As per contents of that particular letter copy of the special provision made by the university for smooth execution of financial as well admn issues of these projects?
No such documents of special provision available in the university record.
Name of the university authority empowered Prof. C. R Babu to operate, pursue and settle all transactions of financial & admn nature of the projects? Copy of the university authorization/ empowering letter.
No information or copy of such copy of any university documents available on record
As per contents of the letter name of the authority entrusted or appointed/ authorized retd Prof Babu as the Project In-charge of the said projects and copy of the appointment/ entrusting/ authorization letter issued to Prof. Babu to work in the university/ projects after his retirement?
As per information by Delhi University the Projects were entrusted to Prof. Babu but no document/ copy of entrusting letter available and as per information by DDA Prof. Babu was appointed by Delhi University but no document/ copy of appointment letter on record available except copy of the letter dated 11 June, 2005
When approval by AC & decision by EC for conferment of the title Professor Emeritus to Prof. Babu done. Copy of the written proposal with recommendation of the VC
Before retirement of Prof. Babu approval by AC on 23/4/2005 & decision by EC on 29/4/2005 for conferment of title Professor Emeritus to Prof Babu done. No copy of written proposal with recommendation of VC available on record
Was the PVC, Prof Babu a party of the AC and EC meeting to recommending for approval & decision for conferment of the title of Professor Emeritus to Prof Babu? Was it violation of the Delhi University Ordinance or Act, 1922?
PVC, Prof CR Babu was a party in both AC and EC meeting recommending for approval & decision for conferment of the title to Professor Babu. Yes, It was a fact of primae facie and violation of the Ordinance XII-B of the Delhi University Act, 1922.
What was the urgency for approval of the title Professor Emeritus to Prof CR Babu before his retirement?
No information is available rather to advance claim of the unauthorized dignitary title to mention in that letter addressed to VC, DDA
As per Delhi University Ordinance XII-B can a professor be eligible for forwarding & processing for approval of proposal for conferment of title Professor Emeritus before retirement?
No, violation of the Ordinance XII-B
As per Ordinance XII-B can a Professor Emeritus may pursue academic work within the framework of other dept to which he was not attached after retirement and is provided facilities like personal office or independent library & will carry with financial commitment for the university?
No, violation of the Ordinance XII-B
Name of the present Director-CEMDE of Delhi University after retirement of Prof. Babu? What is the role of present Director-CEMDE in the said projects?
Prof. Inderjit. After retirement of Prof Babu from the position of Director Prof. Inderjit has no role in the project except Prof Babu till date
How many post of Scientists and Scientist-in Charges exist in the said projects and appointed?
No post of Scientist and Scientist-in Charge exists in the project nor appointed any Scientist or Scientist-in Charge.




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